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Cake Ladies


Introducing the fabulous cake ladies. These beautifully costumed human tables will serve you up a visual and gastronomic feast of glamour and confectionery.


The Cake Ladies can come with real edible confectionery.


 Available on stilts or on foot

Pink Cake Ladies



Ideal for winter, these beautiful ladies are over 10 feet high, with illuminated wigs and equal lashings of humour and pink icing sugar

A Cherry on Top


A Cherry on Top create a stunning visual impact. Stilt costumes include Showgirls, Star and Moon, Lovecats, Cool Britannia, Bunnies, Tennis girls, Superheroes, Builders and Fairies.



The flamboyant Stilt Creatures add a colourful touch of the carnivalesque to an event. These fantastical characters are visually enticing and provide exquisite entertainment.



Liverpool based award winning stilt company with range of exciting and original costumes.

Typical of the lavish costumes are Baron Samedi, created to lead the Merseyside International Street Festival 2003 procession and Trikolor, commissioned for the Commonwealth Games 2002



Specializing in animating spaces, Artizani's stilted characters bring colour and humour to any space. You may meet Bugsy and Fingers the Chicago gangsters as they check you out and roll a few suckers. If it's disco you're after there are two John Travoltas suited up and ready to dance. Other stilt characters include Stilt Cricketers, The Pool Sharks, Two English Businessmen, The Doctors, or Frankenstein's Monster.


All these are fabulously costumed with props to match, and are played at a height of three meters. Artizani stiltwalkers have wide experience of festivals, stadiums and corporate functions.

Champagne Fauns from Neil Hughes


Neil Hughes is the UK's multi award winning body artist and sculptural costumer. He uses make-up, prosthetics and sculptural costume on specialist performers to create his striking art for public or private events and film, TV and theatre productions.


The Champagne Fauns and Champagne hosts are an ideal platform for promoting an unforgettable business or product; equally at home at a champagne reception or outdoor wonderland.

Captivating and unique, the faun and queen hosts transform any environment into one with an air of other-worldly wonder. Functioning perfectly as waiters, hosts, greeters or entertainers they make an unforgettable addition to the party. Clothed in ravishing white fur, matching leather kilts, silk corsets and light up tutus combined with industry leading make-up and prosthetics these hosts are truly fantastical.

Circo Rum Ba Ba


All woman circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise. The resulting performances and images are thrilling and eccentric with equal importance being given to the physical skill, the costume and the characterisation.

Using an intriguing mixture of artists, musicians, mechanics and satirists, Circo Rum Ba Ba creates bizarre, offbeat characters and productions designed specifically for festivals and events.

Cirque Bijou


Cirque Bijou offer stilt characters in a wide range of exciting and original costumes.

Included are:

Fire Lord and Wizard - dramatic characters for events with a mystical theme,

Helter Skelter - strange but colourful spiral characters,

Wreckham and Bookham - disturbingly accurate representation of player and referee.

Creature Feature


Creature Feature Productions have been performing street theatre since 1994 and have created over 10 different acts and shows as well as collaborating with other performance groups on individual projects. We perform all over the world at street arts festivals, community and corporate events.

The Restoration

1-3 performers.

Stunning costumes circa 18th Century, a colourful and comic act.

Lord and Lady Facetiously-Blunt on stilts and Flossie the maid on the floor.

Curious Company


Curious Company specialise in medium scale outdoor public performance using a variety of physical and circus skills.


Curious Company’s strong visual and design elements and exceptional character work combine to produce realtime storytelling that audiences become part of. With style and humour Curious Company wrap their enchanting tales around people dissolving the line between audience and performer.

Flaming Fun


A versatile troupe of entertainers with many costumes.

Frenetic Engineering


Frenetic Engineering are a dynamic circus and street theatre performance company based in the UK. They create street theatre, cabaret shows and quirky walkabout.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings


Inventive and energetic street shows. With a ten year pedigree, the Grand Theatre of Lemmings stand out as one of Britain’s most consistently funny , inventive and professional companies. They are not only outstanding stilt walkers with a variety of costumes but also perform shows. They have recently taken on two young stiltwalkers to work with them, called Chameleon.

High Rise Rubber


A legendary troupe of heat seeking, plasma eating, awesome insectoid stilt walkers and Earth bound creatures designed to infiltrate and inspire in this post modern, pre apocalyptic kitchen sink drama that we call life. From Alton Towers to Aurillac, from Bosnia to Basingstoke. "We will fascinate you. We are amongst you. We are here."



Incanescence is an exciting Circus Theatre Company from Cornwall who combine acrobatics with superb skill in the air, on stilts and with fire to create energetic and powerful theatrical performances.

They offer an incredible array of forty stunning, original stilt characters. With their graceful, agile and acrobatic style, they redefine the normal boundaries of stilt walking, from elegant Pompadours to White Devils and Dark Angels.

Invisible Circus


Dramatic white-clad World Spirit characters. Set as statues they slowly drift into life, awakening into a slow motion dance, mesmerising audiences of all ages with ethereal movements and bubbles before slowly slipping back into frozen motionless sleep.

Up to 8 performers. Living sculpture, human statues, robotics, slow-motion and specialised mime, chaos clowns, stilts and fire.


Larkin' About


Larkin' About specialise in comedy stilt characters which combine high levels of skill and original ideas to create memorable street theatre. The characters have all been created with great attention to detail and use a unique stilt sound system for musical or vocal effects.

Legendary Lynn


Artiste with original walkabout stilt and aerial acts.


Los Kaos


As seen on Worldwide TV with Cirque du Soleil, and at the Launch of the Harry Potter books at the Royal Albert Hall and in Oxford Street, London!

For the first time outside the world of films, 4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts!

Show-stopping walkabout, one or two Creatures, with a Herder who is available in a variety of different incarnations from Elf to Alien, customized to fit your event.

These Creatures are guaranteed to amaze your audience and attract press coverage to your event. This is THE mythical act for the 21st Century. Ideal for any themed event, from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (we have launched three of the books!) to Jurassic Park or Star Wars.

Great for product launches, media events, corporate functions, and much more.

The Creatures stand at between 2.4 & 2.9 metres high and are approx 1.2 metres wide. Their eyes move, their eyelids open and close independently, their ears swivel and move back, their noses wrinkle and their whiskers glow in the dark and under UV!

They each have a custom-built internal sound system, allowing them to breathe, grunt, purr etc...

Maharajah's Banquet


A spectacular costumed stilt and acrobatic act portraying the procession of Hindu aristocracy accompanied by dholak players and Bollywood dancers. Available in various numbers and configurations.

Mark Tate and the Screaming Me Mes


The most stunning and creative stilt-walking, combining costume and artistry, Mark always creates a really exciting performance. Whatever strange costume he chooses to wear he becomes a part of that creation, whether it is a tree, a slinky creation or a wicked queen.

Nik Robson


Nik Robson is a young multi talented artist who's skills entertain across all ages. His performances include crystal ball manipulation, balloon modelling, juggling, stilt-walking and roller-skating in various themed costumes. Nick's act is very interactive. He is one of the most committed performers on the circuit and never stops working.

Rin Tin Tin


Stiltwalking at its very best with plenty of original characters and fabulous costumes. Ideal for festivals, promotions, corporate events and commercials.

Characters include:

Bridie, the Irish Maid, Queen Elizabeth 1, Christmas Tree, Wedding Cake and Salsa Dancer



Scarabeus is an award-winning company and one of the foremost exponents of multi-disciplinary performance. Their performances are staged outdoors and indoors and have been enjoyed by theatre and non-theatre goers alike both in the UK and internationally.

Sir Lupin of Pipwithers


A medieval stilt walker with a difference. Sir Lupin is knight in armour who has lost his horse and so must be carried on the heads of his unfaithful peasants, Bleare and Bloutte. Standing nine feet high and wearing real metal armour, Sir Lupin astounds and delights the public in his quest for Shergar, while his peasants quietly mutter and occasionally revolt.

Sorcha Ra


As a stilt walker, Sorcha entertains with her high jinks and tall tales. From carnival glitz to girlie fun, she will always look delicious.

Sticks & Stones


Sticks and Stones artists include Stilts, Statues, Fire & Angle Grinding, Dancers, Acrobats, Roller-skaters, Stunt performers.....

Truelee Peachi


Truelee Peachi stars Truelee Roodee (Cindy Studer) and Peachi Pangea (Peter King) are partners on and off the stage.  Original and unique performances.

Stilts: Family Fun, Medieval, Heaven & Hell, Christmas, Valentines, Weddings and night clubs

Fire and Glow Show



Virtigo have over 35 different sets of stilt costumes, including:

Angels, Bats, Birds, Colourful Carmen Mirandas with pineapple maracas, Sexy Cyber, Catwalk Chic, Classy clowns, Divas, Bright pink dragonflies, Fairies, Fire Princesses, Flower (garden) costumes, Fluro, Geishas, Samurai, Lord of the Rings, Headmaster & School girl, Hostesses, 4 Bright red lobsters, Sea-horses, Showgirls, Old ladies.

Wrong Size


The Wrong Size use stilts and aerial skills as a starting point to create stunning visual spectaculars, indoor theatre pieces and character based walkabout acts.

‘The Stalkers’

The Wrong Size’s founding character is available with up to 5 stilt walkers. Silent seemingly serious characters, whose slow, sensuous, staccato movement is inspired by yoga and Butoh. They’re always up to some mischief, doubtless involving snuffling food or drink!!


‘Snow' is a beautiful white-themed tissu show suitable for Christmas and New Year or any white-themed events.

'Light Ensemble'

– available as stilt walkabouts (up to 5 performers) or 10 minute show ‘Luminous’.

Joanna Peacock


Joanna specialises in unique, high quality creations with the latest inbuilt technology, lights, wind, light reflective surfaces, fire effects and water.