events consultant and co-ordinator



Angie is an internationally renowned hula-hoop performer from Australia who can bring any event to life with her amazing array of dynamic tricks, dances, shows and workshops. Angie can provide choreographed cabaret and stage shows (themed if required), meet and greet, walkabout and interactive workshops for up to 30 people!



wHOOPs, the Australian Women’s Hoop Squad, is an interactive comedy street show jam-packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music, and a whole lot of heart. Join the girls on their hooptastic journey as they show you just what it takes to get to the greatest sporting competition, from 1 giant hoop through to the ribcrushing 50 hoop stack.

The show finishes with the opportunity for everyone in the audience to have a go and see for themselves how fun it is to spin a hoop.

Bureau of Silly Ideas


Traveling the world collecting signatures to lobby the International Olympics Committee to get pie throwing accepted as a new Olympic event - and giving everyone a chance to have a throw. Fantastic sporting fun from the Bureau of Silly Ideas.

Dan Magness


Dan Magness is one of the world's top football freestylers. He has football tricks that most Premiership stars only dream of.


The "Ginger Freestyler" has performed half time shows at Premiership matches, entertained celebrities at star-studded parties and trained world football stars for TV commercials...

Tommy Baker


A professional Sports Entertainer, who performs a world class basketball freestyle show using 3 basketballs. Tommy has an immediate and lasting impact on his audience's imagination as he performs a basketball show that they will never forget. His basketball tricks defy both gravity and imagination. Tommy also includes audience participation depending on the type of show required.


The basketball trickery that Tommy performs in his show is unlike anything seen in any sport brand advertising campaign. Tommy has set a new precedence in basketball entertainment, so you can be sure that Tommy's basketball show is a one off experience not to be missed, or seen anywhere else!

Dot Comedy


Unfit Athletes:

The Unfit Athletes are on a Fun Run from hell, these unfit athletes cough, wheeze and collapse every few yards on their way to the finish line.


The Officials:

Three football referees who will transform any event into a cup final. Expect loads of red and yellow cards, random stud checks, and all manor of football related tomfoolery.  Rugby officials also available. - other sports on request.


Fairly Famous Family


The Swimming Lifeguards:

Perched on their high chairs the lifeguards attempt to stop any running, jumping or acrobatics. Couples caught “light petting” will be severely admonished. In fact only sensible lane swimming and synchronised strolling is permitted by our “Speedo clad warriors” on a mission to keep the fun out of sport.


The Tennis Finals – Anyone For Tennis?

Following a double booking at Wimbledon the Tennis finals will have to be staged at your event! Luckily members of the audience help out filling in for ball boys, physiotherapists and even Royalty. The thrilling match includes slow motion replays; heated line calls and live comic commentary. In the end, somehow…Andy Murray always wins and everyone goes home happy!

Hoop La La


From Britain’s Got Talent, the World Record Breakers – Hoop La La present their new act – ‘The Sports Fanatics’

With retro sports gear, they are perfect for any sporting event.

Their comic and high energy hula-hoop act is a slick, choreographed spectacle, combined with dance, acrobatics and contortion.

The performance is a visually dynamic cabaret style act which can also include a workshop to learn the thrills of hula-hooping after the show to get everyone involved!

Mike Hancock


Everyone's A Winner:

Unofficial Medal Ceremony Band. With an unswerving pursuit of excellence, the Band award medals to anyone with the slightest speck of achievement; grooviest hair, widest smile or fastest buggy pusher! On to the podium for the presentation and appropriate anthem- “Simply the best”, “Winner takes it all”, “We are the champions” and more. A funny, funky and ultimately uplifting musical walkabout from Mike Hancock.

Gary Gifford


The Van Dunk Brothers:

Armed with a trunk full of trunks, swimming caps, goggles, armbands and veruca cream, the boys will delight crowds with their award-winning dry-land synchronized swimming display. Marvel as the boys perform the routine that won the Brothers the gold medal at the Games, World Championships and Burnley Baths Swimming Gala, using only a kitsch soundtrack, physical comedy and two bottles of still mineral water.

Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong:

80’s PE Teachers, Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong are always firm but fair. They are on a mission to get the nation fit for 2012 using only their enthusiasm, a roving musical pommel horse and some PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker. Be amazed as they pay homage to our home-grown sporting legends and attempt to uncover the inner Olympian hiding in all of us. From star jumps to long jumps and a grand finale of a three-legged, egg and spoon sack race you too can be a winner and enjoy the emotions of the medal podium! Remember it’s not about the taking part, it’s the winning that counts!



RJ Ride Guide


R J Ride Guide is a professional team of fully trained mountain bike trick riders who specialise in Entertainment Shows providing an Extreme Mountain Bike Show with a difference. Their shows consist of some of the most talented riders in the UK , including Rich Johnson, as seen on TV programmes such as Blue Peter, Extreme Sports Channel, Britain's Got Talent and has headlined events for Tour De France London , Motor Show, MPH Top Gear Show and many County Shows throughout the UK. Rich Johnson is not just a talented trials rider but also a phenomenal entertainer with the easy banter of a stand-up comedian, combined technique with superb showmanship with some truly jaw-dropping tricks and manoeuvres., wowing crowds with massive jumps, hops, balancing skills, and tricks. Not only does he perform cycling miracles, he dramatizes them as he rides them. If you think you’ve seen trials demos, think again. Rich is radio-miked up through the entire show, talking eager spectators through the intricacies of each trick, while the RJ Ride Guide's crew deliver a pumping soundtrack and showers the crowd with free merchandise. Also available as an extreme educational road safety show.

Sam I Am


Not just another young juggler, but a totally dedicated, experienced and multi-talented performer with unquestionable attention to detail


Skills include juggling, balancing, diablo, & hat manipulation. He is currently performing a highly technical circus routine to music.



The Adjudicators:

Impeccably dressed and determined to keep all fun and games fair, they are keen to host their own mini sporting competition. All are encouraged to go for gold in a range of daft time trials and silly races, backed by tannoy announcements and completed with an award ceremony boasting its own plinth.