events consultant and co-ordinator


The importance of decorating a site is often overlooked and is very important to create the ambience for the event.


Set out your own ideas or allow our artists and artisans to follow their own sense of aesthetics.


Arches, Balloons, Banners, Flags, Inflatable structures, Kites, Sculptures and Special Items:




Airtechs have been established over twenty years supplying inflatable decor to the events industry. They are a small family business operating from Halesworth, Suffolk.

Whatever the event, Airtechs has the solution. They have worked for a wide range of sectors including: corporate and charity events, TV, film, private parties, festivals, pop and rock shows and business advertising.

Balloon Models:



Kids love balloons and are fascinated by a simple balloon being turned into a crazy creature! Balloonatic don't just make dogs and swords we can make anything!

Corporate events:

For black tie events and sit down dinners Balloonatic can mingle with guests in the reception area and go table to table creating caricatures of the guests, corsages for the ladies and arm buddies.

Exhibitions, showcases:

You want to get someone into your stand and stay for a while? What better way than having an amazing Balloonatic inside, people love balloons and they always want to go home with something great. We can tailor make models to help promote your business

Baseline Climbing Wall


A mobile climbing wall that comes with crew. Available in various sizes.

Face and Body Painting


Face painting is always a hot favourite with children, and can be themed to fit the event. Animals, pirates, clowns, sports, fairies and superheroes. Also variations are tattoos, henna and body painting which can be adapted for adults as well.

 Hugh Jart


 From Bradford to Berlin, Dulwich to Dubai. Hugh Jart supply all the equipment, inspiration & enthusiasm necessary for the general public to be transformed from spectators of the creative to creators of the spectacular. Hugh Jart provide a unique & satisfying experience for all involved, as well as creating a work of art which can be displayed & enjoyed indefinitely. Not limited to two dimensions. Hugh Jart also provide interactive painting on a variety of 3D shapes & large letters.

Hamiltons Ice Sculptures



Parties, launches, press calls, promotions - Hamiltons can create almost anything from ice that will look sensational and cause a stir. What's more, because they do not mould any of their ice, they guarantee something truly different - a unique original of the highest hand sculpted quality.

Ice is an extremely technical medium to work with - volatile, changeable, and beautiful. To ensure maximum impact, perfectly clear ice is carefully produced in the studio before being sculpted with the finest Japanese Samurai chisels. Starting with water and ultimately returning to water, every aspect of each piece of work is carefully controlled and managed.

The possibilities are limitless, and Hamiltons make a point of working closely with clients on ideas and specifications to make sure that each ice sculpture precisely meets the requirements of the event.

Raymond Wirick Sand Sculpture


Festivals, fairs, corporate events, conventions, shopping malls, product launches, indoor or outdoor, Raymond Wirick's fantastic creations entertain young and old alike, attracting media attention around the world.


An impressive, earth friendly inclusion in your special event, sand sculptures are made using only sand and water. It can be a castle, a human, animal, plant or fantasy. Amazing and incredible creations.



Sara Louise Harper

Sara-Louise has been working as an illustrator since graduation from Bath School of Art in 1995. Her humorous illustrations were published both here and abroad but gradually the emphasis of her work changed from the advertising to the corporate entertainment market. She soon gained acclaim for her humorous caricatures, which are an instant hit at any type of event. Her engaging personality and incisive drawings make her one of the most sought after caricaturists around. In just about five minutes, Sara-Louise can produce hilarious cartoons of your colleagues, family and friends; you'll see them as never before! Not only are Sara-Louise's caricatures great entertainment but they are fabulous keepsakes to remember the event by and something that is treasured forever.




Sheba Cassini

Party Cartooning - circulating round the crowds at your reception or across the tables during dinner producing a finished caricature in 3 or 4 minutes!

Caricature Badges - We draw your caricature onto paper in full colour in just a couple of minutes. It is then professionally die-stamped into a glossy 77mm badge, fridge magnet or handbag mirror - a unique souvenir of any event!

Group Caricatures - Capture the whole Wedding Party.. all the Guests at your Function... the Winning Team.. everyone in The Office... all the Prize Winners.. or any group assembled in the same place at the same time! All in one picture!



Domes, Yurts and Stages


The Dome Company: 

The domes are completely unlike any frame or poled marquee and have excellent acoustics, economy of space in transit, and ease of operation. The result is a mobile venue which is both elegant a highly practical. Holding approximately 500 people, the domes comprise a 20m diameter dome with white translucent cover or the 17.5m diameter dome with black cover, which makes an efficient blackout venue.










Wango's Stages: 

Wango's supply stages for outdoor events, arenas and conference centers as well as weddings and parties. Large or small, low or high, Wango's can help.






Established in 1835, Pains Fireworks are designers and producers of creative pyrotechnic displays who produce over 100 hours of explosive entertainment every year. They remain the largest and most comprehensively resourced display company in the UK creating visual entertainment from over 50 tons of pyrotechnics at 400 events worldwide.



Shell Shock has been responsible for some of the largest and most high profile aerial firework displays produced worldwide in the last two decades.

They are specialist importers of display material from some of the the world's leading manufacturers.

Shell Shock focuses upon excellence of performance and has pioneered the original use of architecture in firings.With an exceptional ability to create unique firework designs, Shell shock actively pursues the more unusual and imaginative events.


World Famous:

The World Famous is an internationally acclaimed company of creative pyrotechnicians, with a passion for playing with fire.

They work at all scales, from massive firework displays to intimate installations, often (but not always) outdoors. Their work can be created in collaboration with leading artists from all fields for high profile corporate clients and festivals.

Insect Circus



Housed in a vintage, mahogany lined, Bedford TK beetlebox lorry, this unique museum displays a stunning array of costumes, props, puppets, toys and ephemera from the extraordinary collection of the Insect Circus Society. Spanning more than three centuries, and covering many continents, this is undeniably the finest museum of its kind in the world. Of special attraction are dioramas and push-button mechanical peep-show models depicting scenes from the famous Piper family insect circus. Featuring such perennial favourites as dancing snails, trained butterflies, wasp tamers and balancing bugs, these stunning automata are a rare treat for all ages.

Soundscape installation




Take a peek beyond the ordinary and unwrap the riddle of the workaday world as audiObscura pops the lid on the conventional. A surrealist, absurdist, and highly quizzical take on the everyday, audiObscura will tantalise its audience with possibilities - expect the unexpected, and keep your ears peeled !