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The Flying Buttresses


Hodman Dodmanott & Sally Forth are an engaging pair of walkabout characters, they have emerged from centuries of sheltered existence to seek their fortunes with their worldly possessions on their backs. The find themselves in a 21st century full of bustle and confusion.

This endearing pair are of course puppets operated by full-sized puppeteers inside the baggage, but they are convincingly human in their reactions to the crowds that surround and puzzle them.

Curious Cargo


Busy Lizzy - The Flower Woman:

Meadow sweet and balmy in both scent and nature meet this colourful wayfarer as she journeys on through the garden of life. She's a woman with flower power from long, long ago, and though ancient she maybe, going to seed she certainly is not. So weed out your woes and partake of her wildflowers and wise words, rituals and remedies, and befuddlement and bemusement. Lift your gloom with a bloom, calm your hysteria with wisteria, snore no more with herbivore, learn to chuckle with honeysuckle, and find your power in a flower! Her bloom is everlasting for you'll forget-her-not!


A delightful puppet walkabout show featuring the 'ancient flower woman puppet Busy Lizzy', carrying her cargo of flowers & foliage and interacting with the public.

Indigo Moon


Indigo Moon is a UK-based theatre company inspired by European, Indian and Indonesian traditions, often using puppetry. Indigo Moon performs both in Britain and abroad, using lifelike movement and enchanting music to create enjoyable and  contemporary shows.

Indigo Moon caters for both adults and children. Performances (either alone or in combination) use marionettes, rod puppets, shadow puppets, live acting and music.

Nutmeg Puppet Company


Original and entertaining shows inspired by environmental issues, local history, folk tales and legends.

Performances using shadow, rod and glove puppetry, music and live action. They perform in small theatres, schools, community halls, residential homes and in the open air. They also give talks, lectures and demonstration and run workshops and residencies. Current shows include: Apple Pip, Knowlittle, The Rubbish Monster and Heatwave.

Obelon Art & Puppet Company


Shows range from fast moving comic hand puppet shows to experimental theatre productions on complex themes using masks, body puppets and giant moving images.

They run unique art, storytelling and visual theatre residencies of one to three weeks. They offer workshops for children and adults in art and puppetry techniques. They are also versatile and can tailor sessions to an existing programme or to a specific educational/cultural theme. Schools, colleges, councils, youth centres, play associations, carnival groups and special needs groups use their services.



Original Mixture


Multi talented puppeteer with a variety of costumes. Surrealist puppets based on the premise of characters reading newspapers and sharing them with a collection of improbable and amazing characters who appear from behind the pages

Pekko's Puppets


Established in 1982, Pekko's Puppets provide a wide range of top quality puppet shows (and workshops) covering all age ranges between three and twelve. The repertoire is varied:- folk tales, fairy tales, adaptations of short stories, legends, original stories, humorous verse.

Stephen Novy is equally at home with an under-five's birthday party, a full school hall or with a theatre audience of seven to eleven year olds and their parents. Pekko is a lively and cheerful bird that presents the show for the younger children, sings songs and comes out to meet the children at the end, particularly at parties.

Pendle Puppets


Giant walkabout puppets. Ideal for carnivals.


The Street Walkers are giant interactive puppets who will add colour to any event There is a choice of characters: Ringmaster, Clown, Rag Doll and Teddy Bear.

Pickled Image


Pickled Image is a production company specialising in puppetry for live performance and theatre. Since 2000 the company has created a distinct trademark style, which has become the brand for all its productions. Over the years the company has gained international recognition for their darkly humorous visual productions and has won many awards for their work. Proud to be at the forefront of British puppetry the company is continuing to create exquisite puppets and performances, which are enjoyed all over the world!


Bernard's Puppet Bonanza:

Despite being past his prime and old enough to know better, Bernard pulls out all the stops to dazzle, delight and dumbfound you with his unique rendition of an old’ time puppet show. Carrying on regardless of technical disasters and backstage mayhem, Bernard hysterically steers the whole event towards a combustive climax!!


The Marvelous Box of Peeps and Delights:

Only you can find out by peering inside. You may witness the exquisite charms of Deloris the Devine, re-living her days as the belle of the ball, as she bumps and grinds in her surgical stockings, or it may be Buster the Thruster; Elvis impersonator par excellence. A solid diet of pints and pies wont put him off his calling in life, giving a bit of Elvis back to the world! The whole performance is a blend of classic rock n’ roll, flamboyant costumes, funky dancing and satisfied customers. Shockingly funny.


The Big Bad Wolf:

He’s not mean, he’s not scary, he’s just a twerp who’s very, very hairy!

This fey, foppish, ham actor is not as bad as his reputation portrays him. All he requires is a loving audience to practise his moves on. Instantly recognisable as one of the most famous characters from children’s fairy tales, BBW is a fantastic life size puppet that can be booked for any event, indoors or out, but woods are his speciality.


Travels with Grandad:

An interactive, storytelling adventure.

A Victorian explorer who seems to have lost his way and needs the help of the children to help him remember where he has been!

It’s early morning, and in a disused corner of a classroom a battered tent is erected, showing wear and tear from years of travel around the globe. Lit from inside, mysterious shadows can be seen playing on canvas, strange music and the smell of incense drift through the air. Inside Granddad is fast asleep surrounded by souvenirs that he has collected on his travels ­each a clue to Granddad’s history...

Stickleback Plasticus


Cat Litter:

Tom, a street-wise loud mouth alley cat, and Ella Bella Cinderella Creamcrackers Dentrasangle, a pedigree feline abandoned by her owners on the side of the M4, sing for their supper and reflect on life, mice and milkmen. From oversized rubbish bins, our mischievous cats let nothing and no-one pass by without comment!

Creature Encounter:




Sir Aurelious Jones gathers a crowd. A golden child chosen by the fates for their courageous heart is selected from the audience. Having passed three tests and won the Golden Breastplate they accompany Sir Aurelious on a Heroes Journey, leaving the ordinary world behind them as they reenact the quest to find and tame the beast! In the Dragons Lair the child must rescue Sir Aurelious from certain death and teach him how to become friends with the dragon. With the cosmic balance restored the child is knighted before leaving the heroic world transformed. At the end of the show there will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all to get up close and personal with biggest, brightest & most beautiful creature ever seen. You could make friends...but only if you dare!

Creature Encounter:


Flying Carpets


From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers Ruby Murray and Baba Ganush on their magical flying carpets. These colourful, comic characters demonstrate powers of levitation and flight, whilst amusing all with tall tales collected from the far flung corners of the globe.

Creature Encounter:


Fox & Otter


The most friendly, funny and furry characters you're likely to meet have come to visit. Meet Otto the Otter and Teddy the Fox as they wheel a wooden cart through the crowd. Laiden with ancient magic, props and relics from the greatest fairytales ever to b told, Otto and Teddy invite anyone who wishes to test their knowledge in a quiz of fairytale fantasy!


Creature Encounter:




The Goblins have arrived! Prince Oddness and his servant Grotsick are questing to find a new Princess, auditioning members of the public they bring their topsy-turvy perception of our world into magical life. But whose foot will fit the enchanted glass slipper?

Creature Encounter:


Hairy Chairs


Two giant walking armchairs complete with big slippers convey their young charges around your event. The ever curious Freya aged ten and her adopted younger brother the philosophical monster Gumf. Played in a style of wide eyed innocence and high lighting the importance of friendship and adventure, these enchanting characters combine the slap-stick comedy of a Bernie Clifton style ostrich illusion with the subtleties of cable controlled animatronic puppetry

Creature Encounter:




Lock up your fish! Starring the infant phenomenon Baby Egbertah and Urving Mackerel Esquire the talkative fish supper. These pint sized pip-squeaks will be carried around by two inquisitive larger than life birds. The Penguin Family have arrived! For environmental events Baby Egbertah adopts the persona of an environmental activist, whilst Irving Mackerel Esq. becomes a climate change denier. Their comic banter illuminates and entertains all they encounter, its the ultimate walkabout edutainment!Available as two adult penguins, two adults penguins plus their baby, or the complete family with Urving Mackerel Esq.- its three acts for the price of one! Combining animatronic costumes, traditional puppetry, strong characterisation and witty banter, these gentle giants and their rumbustious charges are sure to enchant at any Christmas, Winter or Environmental themed event.

Creature Encounter:


The Winterbottoms


Let the Victorian Snow Family melt your heart! Presenting the esteemed Major

Wilfred Winterbottom. Lady Uphemia Winterbottom and their little urchin Baby

Snowflake. With his business interests in the Far North failing and his assets frozen

the Major has hit the sherry. In response the hard times the family now work the

mix n'mingle circuit spreading festive cheer at any Christmas, Winter or Ice themed


Creature Encounter:




Two vibrant birds in all the colours of the rainbow explore their surroundings with inquisitive beaks and joyful squawks. Marvel at the exotic beauty of these larger than life avian amigos and their competitive sporting riders. Make your friendship felt by stepping forward for a bright and brilliant photo and please remember, they won't bite but they may decide on being friends forever!

Creature Encounter:


Storytelling Elf


Two colourfully dressed elves Horris and Norris push a crumbling cart loaded with the iconic relics of famous fairy tales. Re-imagining these tales with themselves at the centre of the action and offering children the chance to try on Cinderella's glass slipper, lay their head on Sleeping Beauty's pillow or touch a golden egg!