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Cie des Quatre Saisons


Based on a traditional carousel that we entirely made ourselves, we present and develop the topics that are dear to us, i.e. the respect for our planet.

Eight characters selected very carefully and made from iron and wood constitute this unlikely and magical team within the great Enchantress. Their purpose? Think about and work on a better world.

Every 5 minutes, the carousel welcomes on board about twenty kids – the opportunity for each of them to have fun but also to take part in a little piece of history, become the hero of a great adventure and get familiar with the basic principles that will change him/her into a promising responsible citizen.

Cirque Du Plume


In the last thirty years French circus has been revolutionised. Under the banner of cirque nouveau, a generation of performers have sought to invigorate the form with the new goal of artistic expression.

Plic Ploc comes from Cirque du Plume, one of the most celebrated of the cirque nouveau troupes

Close Act



Large animals move between the public. A mythical world comes alive; animal sounds are heard everywhere. A dark figure appears as a prehistoric bird flies overhead. The area is completely filled as all these creatures are spreading out and causing confusion among the people; should they run or follow? The chaos ends by a magical song that attracts animals and calms them!

Invasion is an unforgettable moving street spectacle that moves the crowd like a sea. People see impressive figures and forget the actors inside the costumes. All get carried away: this is a unique experience!


Convoi Exceptionnel:

Huge metal objects thunders through the streets. Silver, futuristic beings loom up from the mist. The metallic voices of these Characters are swept away by the drumbeats of percussionists. High on top of a rolling object a character shines a beam of light over the audience, blinding and exposing them simultaneously. Dark forces pursue the Flying Object and so it moves on directly through the audience, through the past, through the present and into the future. Forever searching its final destination...

A huge metal object also known as the Flying Object is the central focus of this spectacular parade.



Like in a trance these sheer size blue ‘Aliens’ are wandering around. From high above these “longnecks” are watching down at you. There is no way you will miss them, when they start marching into the crowd. Their approach is friendly and prudent, but they surely are curious. Their long, long fingers are ticklish and their tall heads keep on nodding. Suddenly, they freeze to a halt, and tracking their leader calls they proceed in a stunning slow motion.

Compagnie Off


Compagnie Off presents performances within, and for, the public space. Its creations, born out of a multidisciplinary approach that mixes together circus, the opera, contemporary art, live performance and monumental staging, have travelled all around the world. Through a continuous adaptation to contexts, sites and audiences, Compagnie Off’s repertoire shows alternate with site-specific, “one-shot” performances. From carnivalesque parades to contemporary experimentations within atypical sites, Compagnie Off wishes to offer a poetic urban overflow, and always conjures up a universal, timeless framework, to better spill over…



Mister Culbuto:

Mister Culbuto is a living toy at your mercy, waiting desperately for someone to play with him. He is dragged through the streets and dropped somewhere for a few minutes (longer if friends come by) to demonstrate how magically he moves and hope that some friends will stop by to play.


The Cymbalobylette:

A hybrid musical talent, a machine of movable music; a mechanical contraption that works exclusively with the muscular energy inspired by the agricultural machinery of the roaring twenties. Lead by two simple-minded cousins, who came down from their hill to present this strange machine made by their great-great-great grandfather. This machine transforms the muscular energy into sound and beat.

Compagnie Ebadidon



Coming from the depths of the earth, this strange machine decorated with odd scientific accessories emerges... it is Ebadiscaphe! Driven by Mrs Olga and steered by Professor Sarcovitch, Ebadiscaphe transforms rubbish into... small cakes! But that will not be without problems, Ebadiscaphe runs out of control, coughs and smokes a lot. Our two specialists from another world will have to use their skills and know how to make the mission a success…


Other shows include The Funeral Wedding and The Great Lucie



KaTRaSKa are a company who combine their shows of physical theatre with humour. The movement, the actions and the sounds are its only scenery this comedy mime act needs. The acid humour and the wild speed of this journey through the world of Contemporary Mime will bestow upon the spectator a good dose of laughs. Various shows available – please contact us for details



A born showman and expert in circus artistry and theatrical comedy, Mario comes brimming with unbridled passion. While selflessly performing complex juggling tricks for his adoring audience he is often overcome, forced to act out his unrequited love. His affection is known to reach such bombastic peaks that his favorite arena-rocking super group is a compulsory accompaniment.

Picto Facto


Les Coquecigue:

A “coquecigrue” in old French, is a very rare unimaginable animal, probably the result of uncertain crossbreeding of several species, in a world, something like a walking nonsense.

Three coquecigrues – very strange – are lost in the streets. Naughty and merry, a little absent-minded but very sociable, they are not really concerned with the complex mechanism that is our world. In fact, they cultivate one single passion : singing.

Les Brimborions:

Two shooting bubbles hanging above the pavement, Two baroque commas

Two fairy lights in ambush at the street corners, distilling sharp-pointed music and charming notes...

Now they dance, sing

and play tricks to peaceful passers-by

How amazing...



Circus Ronaldo


The rocky relationship between a chef and his assistant provokes a power struggle amongst the pots and pans - the perfect context for this hilarious display of clowning and pizza flipping skills. Inspired by Fellini movies, commedia plots and the restaurant juggers of old vaudeville, this is the ultimate cookery show. As the chandelier is lit and the crockery and comestibles arrive, an accordion makes magic and spoons play a tarantella on bottles of wine. Welcome to La Cucina dell'Arte, an evening of romantic dining and chaos, laughter and charm.

Teatro Pavana


Teatro Pavana is a professional group of stiltwalkers that rose from Venice’s channels in 1993. Their offices are located in both Venice and Amsterdam. This international group of artists mixes a diversity of theatrical expressions into one audience experience. Stiltwalkers, acrobats, musicians, and dancers play with mystical masks and beautiful costumes inspired by the Carnival of Venice and the Commedia dell’arte. Because of its range of different walk acts, the group can perform in many different locations, both indoors as well as outdoors. This allows Teatro Pavana to custom-make the act for the location. All shows of Teatro Pavana have a surprise element hidden in its diversity and are a sight for young and old.