events consultant and co-ordinator

Dream State Circus


A world renowned, international award winning duo.


Fairy Fire: A unique, upbeat amalgamation of fire and human balance. Using music, sound and light to create a beautiful visual and audio spectacular.

Flaming Fun


Each artist is a true master with his or her own pyrotechnic paraphernalia. Flaming Fun use contemporary inspiration and the element of fire is presented in a multitude of forms to create a unique blend of light and dance.

Using many exciting fiery tools and fire techniques like fire eating, spinning and twirling and the good old fire breathing, with a variety of fire toys like poi, staffs, fire fingers, fire swords, fire fans, fire skipping ropes, fire dress / clothing and much, much more, it is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Flame Oz


Flame Oz are an innovative and internationally acclaimed performance company. Inspirational fire spectaculars, one-off productions and vibrant interactive character entertainment. Dynamic fusion of fire manipulation, dance, acrobatics martial arts and circus.

Rob Fiery


On stage, on stilts, as statues or clad in hi-tec "Suits of Light" these highly interactive miming, dancing and juggling characters provide a dazzling display in any darkened area. It is completely safe and can be staged indoors.


Of course, if you want something even more spectacular, they can incorporate a fire show, with pyrotechnics, body burning, fire poi, fire eating, dance and fire breathing.

Sorcha Ra


Prepare to be amazed! After training for over a decade, Sorcha has mastered the incredible arts of fire eating, body-burning and fire spinning which she has fused together with her mesmerising dance skills to create a fast-paced, magical show. Her awe-inspiring performances will leave your guests enthralled and illuminated. Shows include: ARABIAN FLAME, MADE TO MEASURE, IGNITE, and FLAME FATALE.