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Bjorn the The Polar Bear and his herder Ursula


Bjorn is a fully animated pod puppet. A highly skilled performer is inside operating all the movements including the facial animations - blinking eyes, sniffing nose, opening mouth and also live polar bear sounds. Polar bear herders Ursula and Arthur are dressed Inuit-style in sumptuous fur costumes. The herders facilitate interaction between the audience and the polar bear as well as giving a fascinating nature documentary style talk on polar bears and their environment and answering questions about their habits and habitat.

Bjorn is incredibly life-like, playful and interactive and audiences are encouraged to not just watch but to stroke and pat him.

To help set the scene he has a specially built inflatable ice sculpture environment.


Booking Ref: LK3

Arctic Explorers


These Arctic Explorers are still trying to claim unknown territory for the Empire. It could be a car park, shopping mall or street. Be assured there will be challenges on the way, with benches to scale, flags to plant and patriotic tunes to hum.


Booking Ref: ST1

Santa and his cheeky elf


As if poor Santa hasn’t enough on his shoulders. He now has a cheeky elf as well to bear. Very funny stilt act with juggling, music, magic and balloons.

Santa incorporates a small sound system so that the pair can carry on a lively banter.


Booking Ref: BB1

Balloonatic Elves


Balloon-ing elves will make all sorts of Christmas balloon models to thrill and amaze!


Booking Ref: BA1

Spirits of Christmas


The Spirits of Christmas features three fantastical  and ethereal walkabout characters wearing illuminated, sculptural costumes depicting Christmas through three ages: Past embodies festive celebrations rooted in history (with a nod to pagan tradition, Dickens and The Nutcracker); Present is the embodiment of consuming, shopping and spending to excess; Future optimistically looks ahead, offers some unusual peeks into Christmas yet-to-come and asks the question ͞What do YOU think the spirit of Christmas future will be?͟.


Booking Ref: MLB01

Singing Nun


The side-splittingly funny nun on the mobile grand piano already has her Christmas repertoire ready to take to your event


Booking Ref: MR1

Small Talk


Two highly talented pixies take to their podiums to entertain your audiences with amazing routines and strange banter.


Booking Ref: AM1

The Snow Queen


The Snow Queen and her Ice Chariot, complete with Snow Elves performing amazing acro-balance on her moving stage, and Fanny and Florrie, the fat Cockney fairies who sprinkle lucky fairy dust on passers by.


Booking Ref: CR1

Dickens Brothers


Magic and manipulation in a true Dickensian Style.

Straight out of a Dickensian novel, spreading Christmas magic and sporting monocles, pocket watches and a healthy slice of Good Old Victorian Cheer! Two very talented performers teamed up for a high quality Christmas Duo


Booking Ref: DB1

Ice Fairies


An exciting Christmas performance from a premier stilt and performance company. Up to 5 acrobats available.


Booking Ref: CC1a

Snow People


Lovely fluffy snow people


Booking Ref: CC1b

Elfish Pressie


Back for Yule Tide.  The biggest daftest elves you will ever see.  40 minute walkabout or static shows.  Accoustic, Electricity free, Outdoors or in.  Hilarious Home crafted festive Music!






Booking Ref: SW02

Gliding Angels


Probably not how you imagine paradise, but a lot more fun. These angels appear to hover above the ground in flowing illuminated white costumes. As they zoom around your venue, perfecting their formation gliding, they are accompanied by heavenly music.


Booking Ref: LA2

Santa's Christmas Band


Your favourite Christmas tunes as you have never heard them before. The Red Hot Santas’ swing, ska, funk and jazz versions will soon have everybody’s feet tapping


Booking Ref: SB1

Santa Hoop La La


A Christmas hoop extravaganza. The cheeky trio perform their amazing acro-balance and hula hoop act with classic Christmas songs, original moves and comic touches. A very high-energy, technically skilled, tongue-in-cheek show


Booking Ref: HL1

Hoop La La Glow Show


Performed in blackout, the light-up hoops will dazzle and amaze.

Three performers spin and twirl the stunning colour changing hoops in a beautifully choreographed dramatic routine.


Booking Ref: HL2

Christmas Painting


With lightening speed, Jon creates giant painted artworks before your very eyes. It could be this jolly Santa, a winter wonderland or a Christmas entertainer.


Booking Ref: JH1

Mythical Winter Creatures


From the company that gave you Tribe and a host of arcane beasts, come the Winter Creature, Lofty and Holly, a pair of gentle woodland elves and the winter elves, on the run from slaving in Santa’s workshop.


Booking Ref: LK2

Mr Scrooge & Mr Scratchit


Mr Scrooge and Mr Scratchit bring their ‘carol singing’ carriage to your seasonal event and ruin everyone's fun.

Father Christmas is blown up the chimney and everyone is wished a thoroughly miserable Christmas...


Booking Ref: MM1

18 Stone Fairy


Can you imagine an 18 stone man pretending to be a pretty fairy on the top of a 6ft unicycle? Well, here he is. A comedy act from Matt Barnard to have you aching from laughter.


Booking Ref: MB1

Festive Footmen


These two perfectly turned out Regency footmen don't deck the halls with boughs of holly, but do deck out every passer by with tinsel, baubles and glitter. Also available as a meet and greet or comperes at any Christmas event.


Booking Ref: MB2

Snow Queen


She is cold, magical and glamorous, and she shall have snow wherever she goes. Accompanied by acolytes, she is quite happy to chat about her penguins back home and discuss the latest styles in fridge freezers.


Up to 10 performers.


Booking Ref: ML1

The Small Time


Two of Santa’s elves have been sent by the big man himself to adorn the streets with Christmas Karaoke!

They’ve got the music, they’ve got the moves, all they need is a singer or two. Could it be you?


Booking Ref: RS1

Winter Rose


A Winter Rose of yesteryear,

Is here to share her festive cheer,

Her cargo decked with things that grow,

Holly, ivy, mistletoe.

She’ll summon up traditions past,

And leave a memory sure to last.

So banish winter’s cold and gloom,

And delight in this Yuletide bloom.


A delightful puppet walkabout show featuring the ancient wayfarer puppet ‘Winter Rose’, carrying her colourful cargo of festive flowers & foliage and interacting with the public.






Booking Ref: CC3



A stunning stilt and aerial company.

Both acts are available as stilts or aerial. Airlight perform a beautiful choreography of changing lights, and a multi-coloured swirl of costume.


Booking Ref: WS1a

Snowball Sprites


Two sparkling giant Snowball Sprites on wheels, whizz speedily round and round in a flurry of excitement as the first snow falls for Winter. They are completely rotund as if wrapped inside a huge glittering snowball but too impossibly short to be human. They dance mischievously with the audience throwing handfuls of blizzard as they spin around.


Booking Ref: CR2

Champagne Fauns


The Champagne Fauns and Champagne hosts are an ideal platform for promoting an unforgettable business or product; equally at home at a champagne reception or outdoor wonderland.

Captivating and unique, the faun and queen hosts transform any environment into one with an air of other-worldly wonder. Functioning perfectly as waiters, hosts, greeters or entertainers they make an unforgettable addition to the party. Clothed in ravishing white fur, matching leather kilts, silk corsets and light up tutus combined with industry leading make-up and prosthetics these hosts are truly fantastical.


Booking Ref: NH1

Period Prestidgitation


A highly skilled comedy Victorian juggling act, from the hilarious Matt Barnard, complete with top hat and wooden clubs. Solo walkabout or show.


Booking Ref: MB2


Matt also presents his Comedy Christmas Cavalcade - Street variety show with a festive flavour, including Christmas pudding spinning and a Christmas Carol chain escape. Duo Show.


Booking Ref: MB3



Christmas waiters


The Christmas Waiters can be either a 30 minute stage show or a Walkabout of festive vignettes.






Booking Ref: RI03



Two person Dickensian Scrooge walkabout. Fantastic characters.






Booking Ref: RI02

Cake Ladies


A human tables walkabout performance, available on stilts or on foot the Cake Ladies bring you a saucy roaming tea party dishing up sweet treats with lashings of humour.




Booking Ref: DG1

Christmas Puddings


These cheeky Christmas puddings can come either on foot, stilts or rollerskates.






Booking Ref: MP1

Santa's Helpers


Cheeky Santa's Helpers are a comic acrobalance duo who can do roaming acro as a walkabout or perform their 6 minute festive show. They can also be on rollerskates.




Booking Ref: MP3

The Rutting Reindeers


Two reindeers, but which one’s Rudolph?


They both have red noses and claim to be the genuine article. It can only be decided with feats of endurance and bravado. These two characters are more than just cute, cuddly critters for photo opportunities; they are deers of steel with red blood coursing through their veins and noses. A sure fire hit for all festive frolics.




Booking Ref: PK1

The Marvelous Christmas Box of Peeps and Delights


Only you can find out by peering inside. You may witness the exquisite charms of Deloris the Devine, re-living her days as the belle of the ball, as she bumps and grinds in her surgical stockings, or it may be Buster the Thruster; Elvis impersonator par excellence. A solid diet of pints and pies wont put him off his calling in life, giving a bit of Elvis back to the world! The whole performance is a blend of classic rock n’ roll, flamboyant costumes, funky dancing and satisfied customers. Shockingly funny. The show contains it’s own lighting and sound and is on wheels so it can easily be moved to performance areas.


Classic rock n’ roll, flamboyant costumes, funky dancing and satisfied customers!


Booking Ref: PK3

The Snowglobe:


The Snowglobe attracts large audiences across the world.

Watch as two amazing acrobats perform high-balances and beautiful ballet lifts inside this giant inflatable snowglobe. The show complete with falling glitter, lighting & beautiful costuming will amaze your guests. It is unlike any other acrobatic act on the international market.


Booking Ref: TM01








The Have a Banana One Man Band


The Have a Banana One Man Band is a unique Living Cockney Experience. NOt only will you hear all those old East Favourites ( My Old Man said follow the Van, Let's all go Down the Strand and Maybe It's because I'm a Londoner to name a few), you will also be invited and taught as an audience the ancient cockney musical skill of group spoon playing, knees ups and correct usage of the banana as a cockney musical instrument.







Booking Ref: JR01

Acrobatic Elves


The Acrobatic Elves are put straight to work by Santa and told to tidy up the workshop.


They don't get much cleaning up done as the duo combine physical comedy with acrobatic skills, soon forgetting all about what Santa has asked them to do!


The Acro Elfs are called" Donato and Pipa and are Santa's favourite helpers! They have been left in charge of the workshop by Santa!  Their Show is an original Christmas treat for all the Family to enjoy!


A colourful and exciting show that is perfect to celebrate Christmas! This show is suited for outdoor Christmas Festival's and indoor festivals, including Christmas themed cabaret events and performances for Infant/Junior Schools.




Booking Ref: AE01

Animated Magical Moments


These cycling, talking animatronic characters come in Christmas form as Santa Claus, Festive Sheridan the Sheepdog and Festive Murray the Mini Monster (the children's favourite).

Alternatively we have our static human animatronic keyboard player who can play festive music and chat to the passers by.






Booking Ref: AMM02

Winter themed Rollerskating


One of just a few all-female acts of its kind in the world, the flyer is spun round at speed by her feet, hands and neck!






Booking Ref: WTR01

Rollerskating in White


New light-up rollerskating costumes with light up bauble head dresses. There's a trio of them but they can also be booked singly or in a pair. We also have stilt legs for them so they can also be on stilts too.


Booking Ref: MP02

Three Kings


They are the 3 Kings personified, bearing gifts with warm friendly charm and beautiful costumes. Its such a unique act and brightens up any high street or winter event  - they performers are completely in our style, they are warm, jovial and follow a big star and engaging the audience in helping them with directions towards Bethlehem!





Booking Ref: NH01

Mistletoe Belles


Mistletoe, love and Christmas! The Mistletoe Belles are there with their cheeky Mistletoe assistance, providing a perfect excuse for kisses.With their hearts on the sleeves, as well as their skirts, they bring fun and love to the occasion. Let the joy of Christmas begin!


The Mistletoe Belles are perfect for Christmas Celebrations, Victorian Christmas, Midwinter Festivals, Yuletide, St. Valentine's day, Red and white theme (with white tops), Christmas Lights Switch On  and Parades. You can book 2 Mistletoes Belles for your event.





Booking Ref: AA04