events consultant and co-ordinator

Al Millar


Al Millar, Australia's most flexible export, brings you a 100% high energy show that'll leave you needing years of therapy.

Audiences in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, NZ and Australia have already been left breathless by his incredibly bendable body, cheeky comedy and never before seen stunts.

An eclectic mix of youth, comedy and pure street virtuosity, this multi-award winning show is adaptable for outdoor, indoor and corporate events.



This is a totally original and utterly unforgettable spectacle.

A large helium-filled balloon rises, falls and moves in time to music. Beneath it high above the ground, an aerial performer in harness, on trapeze or cloud swing performs with the grace of a ballet dancer . As the balloon is also tethered to two ground crew, it can be moved about freely, adding to the impact.

The balloon can also be illuminated from within, enabling it to be used for daytime or evening events.

Mark Tate


Having trained in Australia in dance and theatre, Mark came to the UK and studied Circus.

Using new technologies and equipment which flow seamlessly into traditional circus disciplines, Mark will fly, and take his audience with him.


Aerial - Trapeze, Corde Lisse, Web Rope, Silks, Rubber, Circeau and Harness work.



Scarabeus is an award-winning company and one of the foremost exponents of multi-disciplinary performance. Using visual theatre, stilts, abseiling, dance and acrobatics, the company has taken an outstanding position towards raising the quality and reputation of performance happening outside conventional spaces. Their performances have been staged outdoors and indoors and have been enjoyed by theatre and non-theatre goers alike both in the UK and internationally.

Suspension of Disbelief


Spinning Web

Sassy, spectacular and high energy, Nicole spins around the rope by her hand, her foot and even her neck! Showcasing skills performed by few others in the world, this routine is the perfect way to start any event with a bang!


Duo Trapeze

An elegant and highly skilled routine which showcases Nicole and James' talents to their highest level - a perfect showstopper for any event.

Available in silver, Red or White costumes.



Also: Chinese Pole, Silks, Hoops and Cord Lisse



Tumbellina International is a troupe of professional acrobats with 10 years experience transforming functions into memorable and exciting events. A one-stop shop for acrobats and acrobatic acts that will amaze your guests!


They are an experienced team of English, Australian, German & Czech performers that have literally thrilled audiences across the globe.


Solo aerial silks act, Silks duet act and Group silks show


Solo hoop act, Hoop duet act, The fantastic group hoop show and Hangabout/mix n mingle hoop artists

Wrong Size


Aerial shows include; Plunge, Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Tissu and Re-Evolve.


Airlight: A unique aerial concept.


Snow: ‘Snow' is a beautiful white -themed tissu show suitable for Christmas and New Year or any white-themed events. This act is also available on stilts as a meet & greet walkabout.


Cabaret: The hoop duet plays with hints of Liza Minelli 'Cabaret' and 'Chicago' with a modern day twist.


Moulin Rouge:

Designed by Melissa Merran, the girls play to 'Lady Marmalade' from the soundtrack of hit film Moulin Rouge.




To say that Wim and Michelle from the West Country are multi-talented is an understatement – they are practically a two person circus! Both juggle, are great acrobats and stiltwalkers and they perform an impressive fire show. In addition, Wim does an amazing slack-rope act using members of the public to hold his rope and Michelle spins hula hoops (including fire hoops).

They are very interactive and happy to adapt their act to fit your theme.